In European Autoelectric Alliance S.A. we have more than 8,000 starter motor and alternator references in our catalogue, covering all kinds of applications: cars, buses, agricultural, industrial vehicle, refrigeration equipment, construction, forklift trucks, garden machinery, marine, ATV quads, motorcycles, etc.

Our catalogue offers a permanent stock of more than 15,000 products to allow us to guarantee our customers the greatest coverage in the Spanish market in starter motors and alternators.

We have 3 product lines, all without core return:

Premium Line
New products manufactured by AS Group without core return and using high quality components tested in our factory.
Economy Line
Remanufactured products without the core return for customers seeking the best possible value for money.
Original Line
OEM products from world-renowned manufacturers.

Quality Assurance

The products offered by the company are strictly tested and meet the highest requirements in terms of assembly and technical parameters. The most important objective of AS-PL, and at the same time its mission, is to supply reliable products adapted to current market expectations, using modern technologies.

In 2018, as a result of our actions in manufacturing top quality devices, we implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 in our Polish factory. This certification demonstrates that we not only act in accordance with quality standards, but also that our activity affects the environment in a controlled manner.

All alternators and starter motors offered by EUROPEAN AUTOELECTRIC ALLIANCE, S.A. are tested on specialised machines, and the results are attached to the products sold.